Belle Vale, Liverpool

Belle Vale comprises of 33 high specification eco-homes constructed in Willerby’s factory in around 12-weeks, with pairs of semis installed on site in just 48-hours.

Boundary Close

Seven homes installed in just two days. This innovative approach to housebuilding provided the client with better quality homes, delivered faster and at a lower cost than traditional build.

Corton Bay

By replacing single storey chalets with factory manufactured 2-storey modules, a significant increase in revenue was achieved on the same footprint along with significant programme benefits and faster installation times enabling earlier occupation than with conventional build.


Manufactured for Warner Leisure to replace ageing modular buildings at Gunton Hall Coastal Village, the project demanded exacting standards of manufacture to ensure the five groups of four buildings linked perfectly by roof to a central module, providing high quality interlinking accommodation for customers.

Alton Towers

In total Willerby Innovations completed 122 unique single storey lodges at the Enchanted Village Alton Towers, providing significant programme benefits and enabling earlier letting.

Warwick Castle

Willerby Innovations designed and installed 28 lodges for the Knight’s Village at Warwick Castle.


The stunning Rutherford lodge boasts a unique exterior with spiral staircase and large rooftop deck, affording wonderful views of the surrounding countryside or coast.

The Hive Collection - The Reef

The Hive Collection, the very latest product range to join our Willerby Lifestyle family, is hot off the production line and will be officially unveiled at the Lawns Show.

Montana / Westport

The Montana and Westport offer a unique accommodation experience, providing a forest or beach style respectively.