Pioneering modular homes for garage and infill sites

30 November 2016

The Urban Bungalow

We’re proud to introduce our revolutionary new solution to the current housing shortage - the Urban Bungalow. A sustainable affordable home, factory manufactured to the highest quality and fully fitted in a single module.

Today, there are more than 72,000 families living in temporary accommodation*. These include the elderly and disabled struggling in unsuitable homes, often in high rise buildings, and care leavers trying to adapt to adult life while living in bed and breakfast accommodation.

The philosophy of our new Urban Bungalow is simple. Each unit is a self-contained, one or two bedroom, single-storey home, which is 100% manufactured at our dedicated production facility in Hull, at a rate of one unit per day, and is designed to be situated on the many disused Council-owned sites across the UK.

The Urban Bungalow is extremely low maintenance, reducing running costs as well as the initial investment to create a truly cost-effective solution. While it may be low cost, it doesn’t come at the expense of quality as each unit is built to Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes and designed to last a minimum of 60 years.

By making use of the many underdeveloped and neglected sites owned by local authorities, such as garage sites, derelict land, smaller brownfield and infill sites, planning permission timescales can be minimised allowing the single-storey unit to be smoothly slotted into place. The Urban Bungalow is designed to transform and enhance the urban environment as well as creating new homes for people in need.

Wayne Gethings, managing director at The Wrekin Housing Trust, which is based in Telford and has just completed a trial with us said: “It is predicted that 27,500 homes will be needed across Shropshire before 2026. There is also high demand for bungalows as there will be 100,000 people over 65 in Shropshire by 2030, accounting for 30% of the population.

“My hope is that homes like this might be a way of addressing the need for more affordable housing in the immediate term. We’re now assessing suitable brownfield and infill sites which we can utilise and look forward to being the first housing association in the country to offer the Urban Bungalow as part of our accommodation portfolio.”

The Urban Bungalow and its potential for a range of different uses, is allowing local authorities and housing associations to think differently about their approach to housing and address the immediate issues of the current housing crisis facing the UK.

* Figures taken from the Shelter Housing Databank, Nov 2016.

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